Chas Jones, Ph.D.

2011.10.25. Susukino – The entertainment district.

After lunch, a few of us took a walk to the center of the city. The city is set up on a grid system and each intersection can be identified in relation to the city center. The intersection that is one block north and one block east of the center is North 1, East 1. After finding the center (which has a red Eiffel Tower look alike sponsored by Panasonic), I wandered down to Susukino, which I had found 2 days prior, but didn’t know what it was. Now I know that it is considered to be the “entertainment district” and is where the majority of the nightlife is found in Sapporo. It looks really crazy busy and there are many, many floors of businesses on all of the main streets. The district covers ~16 square blocks, I think. And it seems like South 4, West 4 is about the center of the area. It is really cool and I look forward to checking it out on a weekend night. You want it? Name it and I bet that you’ll find it in Susukino… Check out some of my pix.

Sometimes, smokers can smoke in special rooms inside of buildings.  Other times, they get special rooms in the outdoors.  Other times, they get a special corner on a block. And sometimes, they can smoke anywhere they want including inside of a restaurant kitchen!  Crazy.  I wonder who makes up the rules.

Me at the city center and at the red Panasonic Eiffel tower look-a-like.

South 4, West 4 intersection in Susukino.
Ramen Alley with a ton of little Japanese Noodle shops.
  We’ll come back when we are hungry!

 Covered shopping area in Susukino.
Closet and Bar?  What woman wouldn’t love this little boutique shop?  Its a wine bar and clothing store.  Cute.

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