Chas Jones, Ph.D.

About Chas


Ph.D. Hydrology; 2014

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Dissertation Title: “The Integrated Hydrologic And Societal Impacts of a Warming Climate In Interior Alaska”

Dissertation Research

  • A canary in the coal mine: permafrost thaw causes bird mortality
  • Mapping dangerous ice conditions on the Tanana River using high-resolution satellite imagery
  • Modeling groundwater upwelling as a control on river ice thickness
  • Integrating local knowledge and science: Economic consequences of driftwood harvest in a changing climate

M.S. Environmental Science and Policy; 2003

Northern Arizona University
Thesis title: Predicting cattail responses to the re-watering of a travertine stream: Decommissioning the Fossil Springs Dam

Thesis Research

  • Monitored aquatic vegetation and determined habitat suitability criteria
  • Used remote sensing (false-color imagery) to derive canopy cover
  • Interpreted aerial photography to identify geomorphic and channel features
  • Applied HEC-RAS hydraulic model and GIS to produce spatial hydraulic models
  • Utilized habitat suitability criteria to model habitat under pre- and post- dam conditions
  • Used Hach Hydrolab and YSI Multimeter to monitor water chemistry

B.S. Biology; Chemistry Minor; Aquatic ecology emphasis; 1998

Areas of expertise:

  • Hydrologist (Hydrologic change, surface/groundwater interaction, river hydrology, 2D & 1D hydraulic modeling)
  • Aquatic Ecologist
  • Riparian Ecologist
  • Restoration Ecologist
  • GIS Specialist
  • Remote Sensing