Chas Jones, Ph.D.


Research on Hydrology and Climate

Salt River, Arizona from landscapes of the Western U.S. 



Driftwood harvest from the Yukon River. PhotoEconomic consequences of driftwood harvest in a 
changing climate: Integration of local knowledge 
and scientific data



Book Cover Schneider et al. - 2013 - On Dangerous Ice Changing ice conditions on the Tanana RiverDangerous Ice Project – An interdisciplinary, 
collaborative project with rural Alaskans in which 
we examine changing conditions on the Tanana
River in Alaska

3D matlab Snow vs Air Temp vs DMeltGroundwater heat flux controls the degradation
of  ice during the winter at cold air temperatures
and varying snow depths



Remote sensing of dangerous ice




Air Photo Ice Pans

Remote sensing of seasonal groundwater heat flux





Impacts of Development on Rivers

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