Chas Jones, Ph.D.

2011.10.19. Before I leave…

In early September, I applied for and was selected by Hokkaido University’s CENSUS program to participate in their first graduate level Sustainability Short course for international students.  Its a program funded by the Japanese government (JASSA) to encourage international scientists to continue their interactions with Japan in the aftermath of the  earthquake, tsunami & nuclear disasters in other parts of the country.

Hokkaido University is located on Hokkaido (northern island of Japan), in the city of Sapporo (2 million people).  I will become more familiar with the place over the my 5 week stay here and will add information about the area as I become more familiar with it.

I’ve been running myself crazy trying to get everything ready in Fairbanks before I leave town for Japan.  Can’t believe that I’m going to be leaving for 5 weeks!  I’m certainly looking forward to it. I can’t wait until I get to sit myself down and absorb the idea of traveling again!

I drilled groundwater wells before the winter season hit us in Fairbanks and before I left for Japan for 5 weeks.

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