Chas Jones, Ph.D.

Paddling Checklist: Guests – Day trip

Paddling – Guest Checklist

I find this checklist to be helpful for my guests on one-day or multi-day river trips.  I have a similar list that is more specific for a trip leader. Similarly, I also keep a summary of my discussion points for my river safety discussions when I do float trips with clients, friends, or family.

Items to bring for DAY TRIPS

___ Life jacket (if you have one, or ask Chas to reserve one of his extras)
___ Footwear that will stay on your feet (loose-fitting sandals or bare feet not acceptable for whitewater)
___ Bathing suit or shorts
___ Long sleeve, lightweight, quick drying shirt (for sun or wind)
___ Sunglasses with strap (so you still own them at the end of the day)
___ Hat (for sun)
___ Dry bag or small zippered pack (will get wet) for your personal items
___ Carabiner and short strap (1-3 ft) for attaching bag to boat
___ Water bottle (filled)
___ Lunch or snacks
___ Sunblock
___ Wallet, credit cards, or cash


___ Light windbreaker / rain shell (if cold or rainy )
___ Helmet (if requested)
___ Personal items (medication, toiletries)
___ Wool hat, sweater, socks, gloves (if spring or autumn)
___ Change of clothes and shoes

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