Chas Jones, Ph.D.

Future Research


Glen Canyon Dam has had major impacts on the Colorado River ecosystem in the Grand and Glen Canyons.

Future Research Interests

  1. How might a changing climate influence water policy, water resources, and water security?
  2. What are the potential impacts of changing precipitation patterns on flood frequency and magnitude?
  3. How can habitat restoration projects be designed to be more resilient to landscape or climatic changes?
  4. What are the hydrologic, geomorphic, ecological, and geochemical impacts associated with the construction or removal of dams?
  5. What factors (precipitation, temperature, etc.) are driving changes in flooding on the Yukon River in Alaska
  6. Are Rosgen geomorphic river classifications applicable in Alaska across all types of permafrost distribution (i.e. sporadic, discontinuous, or continuous)?
  7. How will driftwood availability in northern rivers change in response to increasing fire frequency, permafrost degradation, and changes in hydrology?
  8. Can large woody debris in rivers be quantified using remote sensing techniques?
  9. How can rivers, groundwater springs, and hydrologic processes (i.e. drought or flooding) be characterized using remote sensing techniques?