Chas Jones, Ph.D.

Impacts of Development on Rivers

Fossil Creek, Arizona

2000-2003: For my master’s research, I modeled the ecological impacts of the Fossil Springs Dam on Fossil Creek. I published my M.S. research in 2003 and the Fossil Springs Dam was removed in 2008.

Kiamichi River, Oklahoma

2004-2005: As a Research Assistant, I modeled the impacts of a water withdrawal project on endangered mussel species in the Kiamichi River.

Big Creek, American River, and Rubicon Rivers in California

2005-2006: As an environmental consultant, I was a senior scientist studying the ecological, hydrologic, and geomorphic effects that dams had on rivers in California.

Rio Grande and Rio Chama in New Mexico; Colorado River in Arizona

2006-2009: As an environmental consultant, I wrote restoration plans for riparian and aquatic habitat on these rivers that were heavily impacted by dam operations over the previous 60-80 years.

Impacts of Dams; Impacts of Development on Rivers